Iowa Special Events:

27th Annual Ball Weekend of the RSCDS Central Iowa Branch on April 27-29, 2018! The festivities begin with a Friday night concert of Celtic music in Des Moines at St Luke’s Episcopal Church accompanied by a great dessert/snack buffet. The weekend’s music will be provided by Terpsichore: pianist Liz Donaldson and fiddler Elke Baker! We will hold a Saturday early-afternoon walk-through in the Sun Room at the Iowa State University Memorial Union in Ames. The evening Banquet and Ball will ensue at the same location. The lovely Sun Room is the ballroom farthest south in the Memorial Union, with parking available in the adjacent ramp. An after-party shall be hosted nearby. The Sunday Brunch will be either at Brookside Park or the same venue as the after-party (inclement weather). Save this date!

Iowa Dance Socials:

Midwest Events:

  • March 9-11, 2018: Madison 41st Annual Ball Weekend. Featuring Susie Petrov (piano) and Calum Pasqua (fiddle). Weekend hosted by John Muir Branch includes a Friday-night concert, Saturday-morning dance workshop, walk-through, dinner, Grand March & Ball, after-ball party, and Sunday Brunch. Location: Great Hall, Memorial Union, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.
  • June 8-10, 2018: Midwest Scottish Weekend, Teaching by Tim Wilson (San Francisco), Welsh dancing led by Mady Newfield (Chicago), and music provided by Andy Imbrie & Deby Benton Grosjean (from Reel of Seven). Location: Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam, WI.