About Us

Established in 1978, we are the Central Iowa Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.  We are not professional dancers. Just a group of friends that share a love and enthusiasm for Scottish Country Dancing (SCD).

SCD is social dancing and is accomplished in “sets” of couples (normally 4). For those that have never seen this form of dance, it can be loosely compared to square dancing.

What Is Scottish Country Dancing, Anyway?

  • Social dancing style first popular in Scotland during the 18th century and then revived by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society during the 1920s
  • Considered the traditional “ballroom dancing” of Scotland.
  • Done with a partner (a different person for each dance, typically) in “sets” of 3 to 5 couples.
  • A little bit like American square dancing, in that each dance consists of a series of patterns that you, your partner, and the other dancers in your set make on the floor.
  • NOT highland dancing

Want to know more?

Read about it here, or The Strathspey Server.