RSCDS Central Iowa Special Events:

32nd Annual Ball Weekend of the RSCDS Central Iowa Branch on April 28-30, 2023! The festivities begin with a Friday night jam session of Celtic music (location TBD). Live music will be provided by Catherine Miller (fiddle) and Beth Murray (piano) from the Boston area! The Spring Ball will be held on Saturday night in the Sun Room, Iowa State University Memorial Union in Ames, Iowa. Save this date!

RSCDS Central Iowa Dance Socials:

THE BURNS’ BALL.  SATURDAY, January 28, 12(noon) to 3 pm.

Program: Kendall’s Hornpipe, Maxwell’s Rant, Simon Brodie, Machine without Horses, Davy Nick Nack, Light and Airy, MacDonald of the Isles, and Reel of the Royal Scots! Live music created by Widdershins: Annie, Gary, Linda.

Midwest Scottish Country Dance Events:

Central Iowa American and English Country Dance Events:

Past Events held by RSCDS of Central Iowa.