Burns Ball 2018 Program

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St. Luke’s Circle     Reel 40-bar Circle Mixer (As Many as Will)     Linda Lieberman
Trip to Gretna Green Video     Jig 32-bar 3C (4C Set)     Betty Lee Barnes (coll.)
The Old Man of Hoy     Reel 32-bar 2C (4C Set)     Iain Boyd: Let’s All Dance
Simon Brodie     Strathspey 32-bar 3C (4C Set)     Jack McConachie (recon.): SCD of the 18th Century (D.A. Young, 1740)
Catch the Wind Video     Reel 32-bar 3C (4C Set)     Romaine Butterfield: RSCDS Book 45
Carefree Highway     Jig 32-bar 3C (4C Set)     Sue McKinnell (Tune by Linda Lieberman)
Davy Nick Nack Video     Reel 32-bar 3C (4C Set)     Robert M. Campbell: Glasgow Assembly
Seann Truibhas Willichan Video     Strathspey 32-bar 2C (3C Set)     Thomas Wilson: RSCDS Book 27
The Barmkin Video     Reel 88-bar 4C-Square Set     Roy Goldring: 24 Graded and Social Dances
Delvine Side Video     Strathspey 32-bar 3C (4C Set)     William Campbell: RSCDS Book 2
The Highland Rambler Video     Reel 40-bar 3C (4C Set)     Roy Goldring: Leeds Silver Jubilee