Spring Ball 2021

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The RSCDS Central Iowa 30th Annual Ball will be held virtually on May 1st, 2021 at 2:00 pm CDT.  Live music will be provided by Terpsichore: Elke Baker, Liz Donaldson and Ralph Gordon.

The ZOOM doors will open at 1:30 pm CDT to allow for some chatting, getting your dance shoes on and
preparing for the Grand March. Terpsichore will play music live as a concert with dance sets interspersed.
Dances will be briefed and you are welcome to dance solo at home or listen as you would at a concert. To Register please send an email to Linda Lieberman at lindasuzan@aol.com and we will mail you a Zoom link!

GATHERING 1:30pm – 2:00 pm Break out rooms if you wish
GRAND MARCH 2:00pm – 2:10
CONCERT/DANCES Waltzing to Iowa
Espie McNabb
Seann Truibhas Willichan
CONCERT Terpsichore
Delvine Side
Montgomeries’ Rant
CONCERT Terpsichore
SONGS A Man’s a Man: Peggy Faden
Auld Lang Syne: Everyone
Break out rooms: Everyone

There is no charge for attending our Ball/Concert; we suggest making a donation to our fine musicians and/or the Central Iowa Branch.

Please donate to the musicians by clicking here: https://paypal.me/LizDonaldson38. Alternatively, send a check to Liz Donaldson at 4518 Gladwyne Drive, Bethesda, MD 20814

To donate to the branch, make a check payable to RSCDS Central Iowa and mail it to 3210 Oakland Street., Ames, IA 50014. The Central Iowa branch website is https://www.rscdscentraliowa.org

Musician Websites

CDs are for sale at:
Downloads of selected CDs available at:

Dance Instructions for RSCDS Central Iowa 30th Annual Ball/Concert

These have been slightly adapted to be danced nonprogressively by one or two people

Waltzing to Iowa 32 Waltz mixer D.Schneider

1-8 All NHJ w/Partner, Adv/Ret to the center. Face out, Adv/Ret

9-16 All dance Right Shoulder Round Partner then Turn partner w/RH into a wavy circle, Men facing in, Women facing out.

17-24 All Balance, turn LH person half way, Balance, turn LH halfway back to partner

25-32 Dance Back to back w/ partner then (adjustment for solo dancing) Turn Partner w/Both hands. Open up to face center.

Espie McNabb 32 Jig for 3C MMM1

1-8 First three couples set and cross, repeat back to place

9-16 1C dance down the middle and up

17-24 1C set, cast off to 2nd place and (adjustment for dancing solo) turn by RH back to top.

25-32 Circle 6 Hands round and back

Seann Truibhas Willichan 32 Strathspey for 2C RSCDS Book 27

1-8 1C Cast and dance down the outside of the set and back to place

9-16 MEANWHILE: 1W/2M set and cross AS 1M/2W cross and set then Repeat to place

17-24 1C lead down for 2bars, turn RH to face up, Lead up and cast (Adjustment for solo dance-cast to 1st place)

25-32 All Set, turn w/BH, Circle Left to place.

Duke of Perth 32 Reel for 3C RSCDS Book 1

1-8 1C turn RH, Cast off, Turn LH to face 1st corners

9-16 1C turn Corner and Partner with 1st corners and 2nd corners, finish facing 1st corner

17-24 1C Set to and Turn 1st corners and 2nd corners

25-32 1C dance Reels of 3 with corners then cross RH (Adjustment for solo dance-Cross to the top)

Delvine Side 32 Strathspey for 3C RSCDS Book 2

1-8 1C & 2C Set, cross over passing Right shoulder (no hands), repeat to place

9-16 1C dance down the middle and up, finishing facing up for allemande

17-24 1C & 2C dance allemande, 1C finish facing 1st corners

25-32 1C turn 1st corner w/ BH, pass Right Shoulder in middle, turn 2nd corner w/BH, Cross passing Right shoulder (Adjustment for solo dance – cross to the top)

Mongomeries’ Rant 32 Reel for 3C Castle Menzies RSCDS Book 10

1-8 1C cross RH, Cast, Cross LH and cast (Man down, Woman up) to finish facing 1st corner

9-16 Giving R shoulder to 1st corner, dance Reels of 3 across (man w/3C, woman w/2C) finishing woman on man’s left facing 2W.

17-24 1C set to 2W, 3M, move to set to 3W, then 3M, finish woman facing down, man up to give Right shoulder to 2nd corner

25-32 Reels of 3 on the side w/corners, Cross RH (Adjustment for Solo dance – Cross to the top)