Spring Ball 2020 Program

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Waltzing to Iowa   Video   Waltz-32 Circle-Mixer Doug Schneider: Wee Hoose on the Prairie
Crabbit Shona   Video   Jig 8×32 2C Rebecca Sager
On the Wallaby Track      Horn 8×32 3C Martin Mulligan
The Lammermuir Hills   Video   Strath 8×32 2C Roy Goldring: Wells House
Kiss Under the Stairs   Video   Jig 8×32 3C Miss Milligan’s Misc. Vol. 2
Barbara’s Strathspey   Video   Strath 8×32 3C Sue McKinnell: RSCDS Bk 46
Sleepy Maggie   Video    Reel 8×32 3C Alexander Bowman: RSCDS Bk 11

The Machine without Horses   Video   Jig 8×32 3C David Rutherford: RSCDS Bk 12
The Robertson Rant   Video    Strath 80×1 Square Mrs Douglas Winchester: RSCDS Bk 39
Thornycroft   Video    Reel 8×32 2C Roy Goldring: Graded & Social Dances 2
The Spirit of the Dance   Video    Strath 8×32 3C Irene Paterson: TAC 50th Anniv. Collection
Tribute to the Borders   Video    Jig 8×32 3C Roy Goldring: RSCDS Leaflet Dnc. 31
Arthur’s Seat   Video    Reel 8×32 3C Jack McConachie: SCD of the 18th Century

Postie’s Jig   Video   Jig 4×32 4C-Set Roy Clowes: Ormskirk Scot. Dnc. 5
The Trysting Place   Video   Strath 8×32 2C Iain Boyd: RSCDS Bk 35
Shiftin’ Bobbins   Video   Reel 8×32 3C Roy Clowes: Ormskirk Scot. Dnc. 6
The Nurseryman   Video   Jig 8×32 3C Steve Brown: RSCDS Bk 37
Light on the Water   Video   Strath 8×32 3C Susie Langdon Kass: Let’s All Dance
The Reel of the Royal Scots   Video   Reel 8×32 3C Roy Goldring: RSCDS Leaflet Dnc. 27