Spring Ball 2016 Program

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25th Annual Evening of Scottish Country Dance in Celebration of Spring
Central Iowa Ball 2016

Waltzing to Iowa             32 W couples in a circle             D. Schneider, Wee Hoose on the Prairie
Hooper’s Jig             32 J 3C            MMM2
Catch the Wind             32 R 3C             RSCDS Bk 45
Silver Tassie             32 S 3C             Drewry, Bon Accord
Pelorus Jack             32 J 3C             RSCDS Bk 41
Miss Eleanor             32 S 3C SET             RSCDS Bk 49
Montgomeries’ Rant             32 R 3C             RSCDS Bk 10
Arthur’s Seat             32 R3C             18th Century Bk
Jubilee Jig             32 J 3C             RSCDS Leaflets
Bonnie Stronshiray             32 S 3C             B. Campbell, Glasgow Asm.
Banks of Boone             32R3C             C. Harrington, Central IA 25th
MacDonald of the Isles             32 S 3C SET             Haynes Carnforth
One Good Jig             32 J 3C             Central IA 25th
Flowers of Edinburgh             32 R 3C             RSCDS Bk 1
Bees of Maggieknockater             32 J 4C SET             Drewry, Can Bk
Lammermuir Hills             32 S 2C             R. Goldring
Kendall’s Hornpipe             32 J 2C             RSCDS Graded Bk
Braes of Tulliemet             32 S 3C             RSCDS Bk 7
De’il Amang the Tailors             32 R 3C             RSCDS Bk 14