Burns Ball 2015 Program

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Waltzing to Iowa            W 32 1C cir            Wee Hoose on the Prairie

Espie McNabb            J 32 3C            MMM I

Seann Truibhas Willichan            S 32 2C            RSCDS 27

The Dragon            R 32 3C            Drewry, Cherry Blossom Bk

Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel            J 32 2C            RSCDS Graded

Old Nick’s Lumber Room            J 32 3C            RSCDS 26

The Northern Meeting            S 32 3C            Campbell, Farewell My Fancy

Blooms of Bon Accord            R 32 4C            Drewry, Deeside 2

Neidpath Castle            S 32 3C set            RSCDS 22

Kelso Races             R 32 3C            MMM II