Debbie and Catherine

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Debbie Jackson


Debbie Jackson is a multi-instrumentalist from Michigan and began her musical career many years ago as a songwriter, folksinger, and bass player. She is now best known for her piano work – she plays at English and Scottish Balls around the US and many of her English compositions have been choreographed and recorded. She also plays for contras, swing, waltzing, blues, latin, and international. She has performed in Denmark, Germany, and India, and on Ukrainian National Radio and at Folk Festivals in the Slovak Republic. Debbie loves leading community sings and has also taught songwriting sessions. She has recorded 2 CD’s with her English band, Childgrove, and her solo CD “Inner Spaces” is an interpretive journey of some of her favorite tunes. She is a music collaborator-at-heart and loves traveling to new communities to share music and dance.





Catherine Miller



Catherine Miller is a violinist and fiddle player from Iowa. After discovering the joy of playing in small ensembles for dancers, she became a full-time dance musician. She now lives in Boston and plays regularly for English, Scottish, and Contra dances, workshops, balls, and camps in the Boston area and around the country.  Learn more at her website.