Spring Ball 2015 Program

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List of Dances – PDF format

Program of Dances with links to videos:

Waltzing to Iowa            W cir 1C

The Machine Without Horses            J 32 3C

Catch The Wind            H 32 3C

Sandy O’er The Lea      S 32 2C (3C set)

Galloway House            R 32 2C

Birks of Invermay          S 32 3C

The Lantern Of The North      J 32 3C


Old Nick’s Lumber Room        J 32 3C

Blooms of Bon Accord            R 32 4C

Delvine Side            S 32 3C

Middling, Thank You            J 32 3C

The Northern Meeting        S 323C

The Dragon            R 32 3C


Welcome to Ayr        J 32 3C

The Sailor            H 32 3C

The Anniversary          Medley  S 32, R 32 4C

Joie De Vivre            J 32 3C

The Sheltered Cove         S 32 2C

Reel of the Royal Scots       R 32 3C