Spring Ball 2024 Program

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Waltzing to Iowa     Video       Waltz-32 Circle-Mixer     Doug Schneider: Wee Hoose on the Prairie
Kendall’s Hornpipe     Video       Jig-32 2C     Book of Graded Scottish Country Dances
Maxwell’s Rant     Video       Reel-32 3C     David Rutherford: RSCDS Book 18
Sylvia Full of Grace          Strathspey-32 3C-Set     Marshall and Anne McLaughlin: Spring Creek Collection
Trip to Gretna Green     Video       Jig-32 3C     Betty Lee Barnes, Collector
Miss Gibson’s Strathspey     Video       Strathspey-32 3C     Derek Haynes: RSCDS Leaflet Dances 18
Arthur’s Seat     Video       Reel-32 3C     Jack McConachie, Collector: Scottish Country Dances of the Eighteenth Century
Fair Jenny’s Jig     Video       Jig-32 3C     Ron Wallace: From the Redwood Forest
Silver Spiral          Strathspey-32 3C-SET     Friday RSCDS-Central Iowa Branch
The Westminster Reel     Video       Reel-32 2C     Jeremy Hill: RSCDS Book 45
John McAlpin     Video       Strathspey-32 3C     Hugh Foss: Galloway Album
The Highland Rambler     Video       Reel-40 3C     Roy Goldring: RSCDS Leeds Silver Jubilee Ten Scottish Country Dances
Pelorus Jack     Video       Jig-32 3C     Barry Skelton: RSCDS Book 41
Dark Lochnagar     Video       Strathspey-32 2C     Iain Boyd: Scottish Country Dance Archives
The Piper and the Penguin     Video       Reel-88 4C-Square     Roy Goldring: Scotia Suite
Chasing the Eclipse     Video       Strathspey-32 3C-SET     Sandy Gallamore: Highland Road Collection
Catch the Wind     Video       Reel-32 3C     Romaine Butterfield: RSCDS Book 45