Burns Ball 2017 Program

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List of Dances – Word format

St. Luke’s Circle      Reel 40-bar   (As Many as Will)      Linda Lieberman
Espie McNabb   Video      Jig 8×32-bar   3C (4C-set)      Miss Milligan’s Miscellany I
Wind on Loch Fyne   Video      Strathspey 3×32-bar   3C (Triangle set)      J.B. Dickson, Dunedin BK 1
The Piper and the Penguin   Video      Reel 1×88-bar   4C (Square set)      Roy Goldring, Scotia Suite
Kendall’s Hornpipe   Video      Jig 8×32-bar   2C (3C or 4C-set)      RSCDS Graded BK
Mrs. Macleod of Raasay   Video      Reel 8×32-bar   3C (4C-set)      RSCDS BK 6
Deb’s Diamond Delight      Waltz 32-bar   G 3/4   Longways duple minor      Linda Lieberman
John McAlpin   Video      Strathspey 8×32-bar   3C (4C-set)      Hugh Foss, Galloway Album
Catch the Wind   Video      Reel 8×32-bar   3C (4C-set)      R. Butterfield, RSCDS BK 45
Saint John River   Video      Strathspey 4×32-bar   (4C-set)      P. Edwards, Centennial Collection
Davy Nick Nack   Video      Reel 8×32-bar   3C (4C-set)      R.M. Campbell, Glasgow Assembly
The Laird of Milton’s Daughter   Video      Jig 8×32-bar   3C (4C-set)      Lord Craigmyle, RSCDS BK 22