Spring Ball 2023

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32nd Annual Ball Weekend of the RSCDS Central Iowa Branch on April 28-30, 2023! The festivities begin with a Friday night jam session of Celtic music (location TBD). Live music will be provided by Catherine Miller (fiddle) and Beth Murray (piano) from the Boston area! The Spring Ball will be held on Saturday night in the Sun Room, Iowa State University Memorial Union in Ames, Iowa. Save this date!

Waltzing to IowaCircle MixerD.Schneider
Crabbit Shona32J3C(4C)R.Sager
Mrs. McLeod of Raasay32R3C(4C)RSCDS BK 6
Minister on the Loch32S(3C Set)R.Goldring
Kiss Under the Stairs32J3C(4C)MMM2
Flowers of Edinburgh32R3C(4C)RSCDS BK 1
Machine without Horses32J3C(4C)RSCDS BK 12
Simon Brodie32S3C(4C)18th Century BK
Arthur’s Seat32R3C(4C)18th Century BK
Light on the Water32S3C(4C)Let’s All Dance
Nurseryman32J3C(4C)RSCDS BK 37
Sleepy Maggie32R3C(4C)RSCDS BK 11
Postie’s Jig32J(4C Set)Ormskirk 5
Seann Truibhas Willichan32S2C(4C)RSCDS BK 27
Shiftin’ Bobbins32R3C(4C)Ormskirk 6
Tribute to the Borders32J3C(4C)RSCDS Lflt 31
Delvine Side32S3C(4C)RSCDS BK 2
Reel of the Royal Scots32R3C(4C)RSCDS Lflt 27